Graduate Studies

Direct Ph.D

Please review the relevant information on the Graduate School website.
Outstanding students from the Master’s program may transfer to the direct doctoral track provided that they meet the requirements outlined by the Graduate School (specifically, by holding a grade point average of 90 or above), that their research subject is suitable as a doctoral research subject, that they have made sufficient progress in their research to justify the transfer (for example, by having published papers at conferences or in journals, and that their advisor supports their request.

To request a transfer, include:

  •  Summary of Details for direct Ph.D. track.
  • A brief letter outlining the candidate’s personal information and the transfer request.
  • A new research proposal describing the research that has been completed as well as the research planned for the direct doctoral track.
  • An explanation of the research and reasons it is consistent with the objectives of a direct doctoral track (as part of the research proposal or as a separate document).
  • Two evaluations of doctoral candidates form to be completed by two referees (to be sent directly to the Graduate Studie Coordinator).
  • Two recommendation letters preferably one by the advisor and the other by a faculty member( not necessarily from the Technion) or another senior researcher familiar with the research to be sent directly to Graduate School Coordinator).
  • If no papers were yet accepted for publication, but there is a paper that was submitted or is ready for submission, you have to include three recommendation letters which should relate to the unpublished paper, as well as the recommender’s sense of its quality and likelihood of being accepted for publication.
  •  C.V and list of publications (ideally, you should include the papers themselves as well).
  • Transcripts from your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
  • A confirmation that you have presented a seminar lecture. Guidelines for publicizing your seminar are available here.


The Graduate Studies Committee will discuss your application.  A final approval letter will be sent by the Graduate School.

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