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M.Sc Research Topic

Research Proposal for Master’s Degree
Master’s-level research proposals are submitted for the approval of both the research subject and the advisor. Graduates of four-year bachelor’s programs are generally required to submit their proposals within two semesters of having started their degree, while graduates of three-year bachelor’s programs are required to submit them within three semesters. In some cases, the proposal can be submitted as part of the registration process.

We recommended that graduate students utilize the first semester mandatory courses as an opportunity to broaden their horizons and explore potential subjects of study (and that they continue to do so until they submit their research proposals). In parallel, students should contact potential advisors and learn more about their specific requirements, and gather information about potential research topics. You can find a list of faculty and their research interests here.

The process of securing an advisor and writing a proposal can take several months. Hence, we do not recommend pushing off the search for an advisor until the submission deadline is approaching. The advisor should be a member of the computer science faculty (in unusually exceptional cases, you can consult with the coordinator ahead of time).

The research proposal should include:

  1. Research Subject (in Hebrew and English) + a completed Research proposal towards MSc.
  2. An introduction detailing the scientific background, the relevant literature and similar works;
  3. The goals of the project, the research questions the work will be attempting to answer (for example, hypotheses to be investigated, programs to be written, etc.), and a case for the work’s relevance and potential contribution;
  4. A list of provisional results, if available;
  5. The research tools to be employed: computer, programs, languages, etc. (for a project) or techniques and algorithms (in research);
  6. Bibliography;
  7. The description of the project should be accessible so that readers who lack any background in the field of research would still be able to understand its basic purpose and objectives.

The proposal should be between 2 and 10 pages in length, as per your advisor’s instructions.

Attach a separate page detailing the name of the topic in Hebrew and English

Most advisors require that the proposals be written in the LaTex font in English.

Please Note: Your proposal must be approved by the department, and should be submitted to the department roughly a week before being submitted to the graduate school.

Please send a digital version of your research proposal (in PDF format) to the graduate studies coordinator via email.

If one of your advisors is not a faculty member, please ask that s/he send a copy of his/her resume, in PDF format, to the graduate studies coordinator.

Computer Science Department, Technion, Graduate Studies, Limor Gindin: +972 4 8294226 email