Seminars Requiring Prior Approval

236667 –¬†Machine Learning and Human Behavior
Prof. Nir Rosenfeld

236609 – Advanced Topics in Computer Science 9
Prof. Michael Elad

236833 – Seminar in Automata and Formal Languages
Prof. Shaull Almagor

236803 – Seminar in Computer Science 3
Prof. Hila Peleg

236802 – Seminar in Computer Science 2
Prof. Benny Kimelfeld

236004 – Select Topics in Transformers and attention-based Networks (Registration is possible only by filling out the form on the Webcourse website and after receiving official approval from the lecturer).
Prof. Assaf Schuster

236813 – Seminar in Algorithms
Prof. Hadas Shachnai

236825 – Seminar in Distributed Algorithms
Prof. Hagit Attiya