Graduate Studies

פרופסור גיל ברקתDear graduate students and applicants to graduate studies in Computer Science,

The Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion was founded in 1969 and is one of the leaders in its field, both locally and globally. The Faculty comprises over 50 faculty members of international repute, whose fields of research cover virtually the entire spectrum of computer science, in quite a few instances reaching into the fields of mathematics, physics, engineering, and medicine. Research performed within our Faculty is at the cutting edge of technology and science, and I am certain that every student can find the advisor and a research field best aligned with his/her interests and inclinations.

Our graduate students are the future generation of our Faculty in particular, and of the computer science field at large, and are hence full participants in our academic activities, above all in teaching and research. We wholeheartedly encourage our students to present their research at international conferences and offer financial support for travel to the degree possible. We also offer generous stipends in order to enable students to focus on their studies and their research.

I have no doubt that your time studying toward master’s and doctoral degrees in computer science at the Technion will constitute a fruitful and satisfying chapter of your life!

Professor Gill Barequet
Vice Dean for Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Computer Science

Computer Science Department, Technion, Graduate Studies, Anna Kleiner: 073-378-4226 email / Sharon Emuna: 073-378-4342 email