Graduate Studies

Thesis & Direct Track Seminar Lecture

Thesis & Direct Track Seminar Lecture

Toward the end of their Master’s and Doctoral research, candidates must lead a seminar session describing their study and research outcomes. Likewise, candidates requesting to transfer to a direct doctoral track must first complete a seminar presentation. The date of the seminar session should be scheduled with the graduate studies coordinator, with the advisor’s consent, and it is recommended to skip dates scheduled for other events/lectures/seminars as they appear on CS website.

  • The Graduate School’s instructions for publishing your seminar lecture.
  • Departmental distribution: Download and edit this template:
  • The current details of the template are for demo only and it should be replaced with the relevant seminar details and be edited with a simple editor: vi, Emacs, Notepad, not MS-Word, for example.
  • Fill out all the template fields with the seminar details and the abstract should be edited in full lines, avoiding random breaks, and keeping complete paragraphs with white space line between them (except in case of one full paragraph abstract).
  • Please send the file to Rivka Zur, who will update departmental system. The system will automatically add the seminar to the lecture schedule on the departmental website (within up to half-an-hour) and will send notification of the upcoming seminar to the CS-GRAD-SEMINARS-L distribution list (including faculty, Master’s and Doctoral graduate students, the graduate studies coordinator, the Technion distribution list – – as well as to anyone who wishes to be added to the list), 3 days for magister seminar and 14 and 3 days for Ph.D. seminar, prior to the lecture.
  • Pleas send the template file for distribution at least 2 weeks before the lecture date and for Ph.D. seminar it is recommended to send more than 2 weeks before the date.
  • The system will not send automatic reminders on the lecture date, and your are asked that you refrain from sending broad-scale reminders as well.
  • The seminar lecture will also appear on the Technion Seminar Calendar few hours after it has been registered on the department website.
  • The seminar will be posted on the Taub Bld. 5th floor seminar billboard and on the event screen in the Taub Lobby.
  • There is no need for further to the above distribution actions.

Seminar lectures for Master’s and Doctoral candidates must be delivered at least two weeks before submitting your thesis and may be delivered as early as a year before submission. To avoid last-minute problems, we recommend holding your seminar session at least two months before submitting your thesis.

Direct Ph.D. Track Seminar: In addition to publishing in departmental distribution, the seminar should be published also to the referees. The direct track seminar will be published as an M.Sc. seminar (M.Sc. Thesis Seminar).

We recommend giving your lecture during either the winter or spring semesters, rather than during the summer semester when faculty members and advisors tend to be less available.

During COVID-19 period,

Until further notice, the seminars will be delivered online using Zoom (no need for password). The date of the seminar must be coordinated in advance with the supervisor and the link to the zoom must be included in the publication of the seminar.

Further notes:

1. Before publishing the date of your seminar lecture, please check with your advisor that the date is suitable for him/her. The date should not be changed once the lecture has been published.

2. If there are scheduling or other changes nonetheless, please resend the information to Rivka Zur, and note that you are updating an existing notification.  The system will not send out an update following modifications but you may send your own notification of scheduling changes to: CS-GRAD -SEMINARS-L

3. The notification that goes out via the department distribution list and on the department website will appear under your name. If your name has changed or does not appear in the student index, please contact Rivka Zur for update (prior to sending out the notification).

4. To confirm that your notification has been registered by the system, check the lecture schedule on the department website to make sure your lecture appears. If it does, the list-serve will automatically send out a notification 3 days for magister and 14 and 3 days before your lecture, as stated above.

5. In order to allow last minute correction and change, and before the notification is sent (for magister  3 days  and for doctoral seminar 10 and 3 days before the lecture), please send the template for seminar distribution approximately 2 weeks before the lecture date.

6. Any form of notification other than the one described above will not be recognized as the official notification required. Specifically, a seminar lecture integrating a separate field seminar (like the Pixel Club) will be published in addition and not instead of the distribution channel detailed above.

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