Graduate Studies

Thesis Submission and Exam

Thesis Submission

See information on how to submit your thesis on the graduate school website. Your thesis may be written in the LaTeX font, or in other fonts.

The following are sample templates yet to be adapted in accordance with the thesis editing guidelines here

ZIP file with prototype for writing a thesis in LaTeX, including parts in English and Hebrew.
We thank Eyal Rozenberg (more information and support).

ZIP file with prototype for writing a thesis in LaTeX, including parts in English and Hebrew.
We thank Ido Tal and Dan Kenigsberg.

ZIP file which compiles in here.  
We thank Tal Regev.

Prototype files LyX.
We thank Ronen Abarbanel and Eyal Rozenberg.

Here you will find prototype file for the Hebrew part in the thesis in Word format.
We thank Arthur Kiyanovski.

The Final Exam

Once you have submitted your thesis and received the approval of the examinations committee, you may schedule your final exam.

During the exam, the candidate briefly presents his/her work, after which the examiners jointly discuss it with the candidate and present him/her with questions.

At the end of the examination, the examiners determine whether to award the candidate a graduate degree, and whether the thesis requires revisions. For Master’s exams, the exam is also given a grade.

Following the Exam

See the instructions on the graduate school website. A final electronic copy of the thesis must be sent to the library and to the departmental website. Likewise, you must fill out an Item Return Checklist form and a thesis deposit form (Heb).

A form intended for the graduate school confirming that you have no debt at the central library is issued at the departmental library. To obtain it, you must:

– Prepare an identical PDF version of the printed thesis (in full, including the Hebrew-language abstract and headlines) and submit it to the departmental websitePlease note: until further notice, the theses submission site is inactive and the submission will be postponed until it returns to activity. In addition, even after its return to activity, the links to the theses files in the site will only be active on the Technion network.

–  Please send a PDF copy of the thesis to the Graduate Studies Coordinator, Sharon Emuna.

– Complete a thesis deposit form, signed by your advisor/s, with consent for online publication. Note that graduate school guidelines stipulate that the digital form must be filled out before printing and submitting for advisor signature. The forms should be scanned and sent to Sharon Emuna OR physically brought to the library.

– Visit the departmental library to close your account with the central library.

Students who passed the final exam but were asked to make revisions to their theses should submit a list of revisions, signed by the advisor/examiners, along with a separate document verifying that revisions were made, to the graduate procedures office.

Awarding of Degrees

The commencement ceremony takes place in May or June, and students who have met all of the administrative requirements by the deadline (toward the end of March) can participate. Students who miss this deadline can participate in the commencement ceremony the following year.

Computer Science Department, Technion, Graduate Studies, Anna Kleiner: 073-378-4226 email / Sharon Emuna: 073-378-4342 email