Graduate Studies

External Awards and Scholarships

Read the guidelines available at the graduate school website.

Occasionally, we notify graduate students of awards and scholarships open for application. Notifications are generally sent via e-mail, although not exclusively. Sometimes the information is sent directly by the graduate school and sometimes by department faculty members or by other graduate students.

When the graduate studies coordinator distributes information about a Call for Proposals, it is added to the list of scholarships and awards on the graduate studies informational brochure.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship or an award, please prepare whatever material is called for in the proposal, as well as the departmental candidacy for prize form (Word)

Unless otherwise stipulated in the Call for Proposals, please submit all of the paperwork to the graduate studies coordinator.

If you need to submit two or more recommendations, you must include one by your advisor/s in addition to at least one not authored b your advisor(s), even if that results in more recommendations than stipulated in the Call for Proposals.

In most cases, being awarded a scholarship publicized by the department accords the recipient further allocation of internal scholarship funds as well.

Some scholarships also include a travel budget.

Departmental Excellence Scholarship: Each semester, we publicize a Call for Proposals for departmental excellence scholarships. Recipients of this scholarship also benefit from an additional allocation of their standard scholarship funding for the duration of the semester. A departmental awards committee discusses the applications and sends its recommendations to the graduate school, which makes the final determination

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