Graduate Studies


The official information can be found on the Graduate School website.

All further information detailed herein is supplementary.

Further information on admissions, including requirements and the different study tracks, can be found in the graduate studies program catalogue.

To register, please fill out the application forms, available on the graduate school’s website.

Once you have completed your registration, your application will be reviewed by the department and, most instances, you will be called to interview with the admissions committee.

Please note the registration deadlines. Registration for the winter semester ends in April, while registration for the spring semester ends in November. (Exceptional honors students may receive permission to register past the deadlines. For further information and to see whether you qualify, please contact the graduate school coordinator.) If you have questions about the application process, we recommend meeting with the vice dean for graduate studies during his office hours.

Admissions are based primarily on the applicant’s projected capacity to study and conduct Master’s level research. This is determined, amongst other things, based on grades transcripts from the applicant’s bachelor’s degree and through a personal interview.

  • For admissions purposes, there is no distinction between applicants of different host faculties,e.g.: computer engineering track or other joint computer science programs. (That is, whether applicants completed electrical engineering degrees or computer science degrees is of no significance in the admissions process.)
  • Applicants awarded computer science degrees at Israeli universities (either with computer science as their major or, if awarded the degree by Technion, in a joint program of the computer science department and other Technion departments) are not required to take supplementary courses.
  • The program for bachelor three-year track graduates is 30 credits in scope, and the program for four-year track graduates is 18 credits in scope.
  • There are two mandatory courses: Computability Theory and Computer Architecture. Students who already took these courses as undergraduate students at the Technion are exempt. Students who took these courses elsewhere should contact the graduate studies coordinator.
  • Admission threshold is uniform across all department programs (including joint programs with other departments, regardless of the applicant’s primary affiliation). Please note that eligibility requirements involve more than just undergraduate academic performance.
  • Grades that have been improved through repeated coursework will not necessarily be taken into account for admissions purposes (while added asterisks to your grades transcript may adversely influence your prospects of admission).
  • Improved mathematics grades as allowed in the undergraduate studies catalogue, will be taken into account for admissions purposes.
  • High undergraduate GPAs are highly correlated with successful academic performance in graduate school. As such, students with high undergraduate GPAs are more likely to be admitted, to find an advisor, and to be awarded more significant scholarships.
  • Being an internal student with fellowship focusing exclusively on studies is highly correlated with academic performance. Hence, admissions requirements are higher for external students who work outside the department.
Computer Science Department, Technion, Graduate Studies, Anna Kleiner: 073-378-4226 email / Sharon Emuna: 073-378-4342 email