Graduate Studies

Ph.D Research Proposal and Candidacy Examination

Please read the complete information available on the Graduate School website.

The candidacy exam is a central criterion for completing doctoral studies and is regarded as equally important as the doctoral examination itself (and, hence, at least five examiners participate). It is conducted roughly a year after the student has begun the program (or six months after the start date for students transferring to the direct doctoral track) and its purpose is to ascertain if students have obtained sufficient skill to continue their doctoral studies on the basis of their performance, and evaluate their expertise in their fields of research, as well as their plans going forward.

Students prepare an extensive research proposal, which includes an introduction, results achieved so far, and continued research plans. Students may attach supplements including full versions of published articles or articles sent for publication. On average, proposals run about 25 pages in length.

Please send an email with a concise description of your proposal in PDF format to the Graduate Studies Coordinator, and attach a completed research proposal towards Ph.D. studies form (Word).

In parallel, the advisor should fill out a registration form for examiners (Word) at Ph.D. candidacy examinations and send it directly to the Graduate Studies Coordinator.

The Faculty Graduate Studies Committee will discuss the composition of the examination committee, and after its approval will send the concise proposal description and the list of examiners, directly to the Graduate Studies School.

Please note: The Faculty Graduate Studies Committee convenes on a monthly basis. Be sure to begin the process well in advance.

Candidacy Exam

Your advisor determines the date of your examination, but it should be held within a month of having submitting your concise research description.

You will be asked to briefly present the results of your research as well as your plans going forward (typically 15-30 minutes) and to respond to questions related to your research topic or other related topics.

An internal PhD students after candidacy exam are eligible to park their car in the faculty’s underground parking lot.
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