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Scholarships &Teaching Fees

Please review the important information available on the Graduate School website.

The department distinguishes between full-time (internal) graduate students (who study, teach, and conduct research in the department full-time) and external graduate students who combine their graduate studies with work or military service. As a rule, the department prefers full-time students, who compose most of the graduate student body. Students wishing to apply as external students must state their intention at the outset, as they face more stringent admissions requirements and require the approval of the admissions committee.

Doctoral students admitted as external students must nonetheless compete a year as full-time internal students.

Internal graduate students are awarded scholarships, serve as teaching assistants (for an additional fee), receive space within a department office, a computer, and a mailbox.

MSc’s internal students get 5 scholarship portions each month. The value of the scholarship is increased when the research proposal is approved.

Scholarships are awarded for 24-month periods to graduates of four-year undergraduate programs and for 27-month periods for graduates of three-year programs. In both cases, students may request a scholarship extension for up to 30 months and should submit their request at the 24-month mark via the relevant scholarship extension form  (Word)

Students who wish to extend their scholarships past 30 months must obtain more extensive approval. To do so, they must complete the Request for Extraordinary Extension (Word) of Scholarship Period form and attach detailed letters from both the student and the advisor explaining the circumstances of the request.

Doctoral students are awarded scholarships of 6 portions. The value is increased once applicants pass the candidacy exams. The scholarship covers a period of 42 months, with an option to request an extension for 6 additional months.

Students transferring to the direct doctoral track are awarded scholarships that cover a period of 60 months, with an option to request an extension for  additional 6 months.

While receiving scholarships, students are prohibited from other employment (except as T.A.s). To request an exception to this rule, please submit a Request for Supplementary Employment form (Word)

When the scholarship period ends, so does the student’s status as a full-time (internal) student, and we ask that students vacate their office space at that time.

Teaching Fees

Important information regarding teaching fees is available here (Heb).

The terms of the work permit concurrently with the scholarship must be read and when necessary apply a request for specially approved employment for scholarship recipients.

The teaching coordinators at the Faculty are Oshrit Sender and Keren-Or Cohen.

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