Graduate Studies

Absences, Conferences and Summer Internships

Please review the Protocol for Graduate Student Travel Abroad.

All leaves-of-absence on the part of scholarship recipients, including for vacation and other travel not supported through the Technion, must be officially approved (through completing a Request for absence from Technion for Scholarship Recipients form, available here).

Once you have obtained all of the relevant signatures, your form will be passed on for approval and will be returned to you, signed by the dean of the graduate school.

If you will be requesting reimbursement for your trip, please attach an Application for Approval to Travel Abroad form and note the funding sources for the trip, including the departmental contribution, if any (see the information immediately following). Please secure your advisor’s signature for his/her portion of the funding.
Please note that the department will make up to one yearly contribution toward travel expenses for students presenting a paper or a poster.

For internal (full-time) students, the department contributes $400 toward travel to present a paper and $200 toward travel to present a poster.

For external students, the department contributes $200 toward travel to present a paper and $100 toward presenting a poster.

Doctoral students can further utilize funds through the International Science Liason Fund via this application.
If you have been awarded a scholarship that includes a travel component, please complete the relevant form out of the forms available on the website.

When submitting your travel request, please be sure to include all of the relevant forms:

  • – Signed “Request for absence from Technion for scholarship recipients” form
  • – Application for Approval to Travel Abroad
  • – Letter from your advisor endorsing your trip
  • – The first page of your paper
  • – Conference invitation
  • – Application to use funding through International Science Liason Fund (if relevant)

Please submit all paperwork to the graduate studies coordinator roughly a month before your trip.

Graduate School Contribution: You may submit a request for funding from the graduate school after getting approved from travel by the Executive Vice President for Research’s office (that is, retroactively).
Further information is available on the graduate school’s website.

Summer Internships

Students wishing to take on summer internships elsewhere must complete a “Request for absence from Technion for scholarship recipients”  and attach a letter outlining the objectives of the internship with the advisor’s recommendation on it.

The letter should explicitly note whether you wish to freeze the scholarship during the course of your internship.
Please note that during August and September, there is no tuition charge. If your summer internship runs into July or October, and if it is related to your research field, you can request tuition exemption for these moths as well. Please include your advisor’s signature on the request.

When you have completed your internship and returned to study at the Technion, please offer official notification of your return through an e-mail to the graduate studies coordinator.

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