Graduate Studies

General Information for New Students

Relevant Contacts

Graduate Studies Coordinator: Limor Gindin, Rel Ext:4226
Vice Dean for Graduate Studies: Prof. Gil Barequet (Acceptance hour: Monday 2:30 pm-3:30 pm, room 430 )
Teaching Coordinator: Esti Cohen, Tel. Ext.: 4263 (assigns teachers to courses)
Teaching Coordinator; Bracha Cohen, Tel. Ext: 3846 (coordinates room assignments for make-up classes, gives out keys and multi-media equipment)
Vice Dean for Teaching Affairs: Prof. Danny Raz,
CS Dean: Prof. Dan Geiger
Dean’s Office Coordinator: Moran Rakovitzky-Raver, Tel. Ext: 4261
Head of Administration: Revi Ginosar
Director of Maintenance and Infrastructure: Yaniv Abutbul (maintenance, furniture, keys, etc.) Room 203
Electricity and Building Control System Manager: Danny Layfer (badges, lighting, heating, and air-conditioning), Room 736.
Department Secretary: Maya Sidis, Room 546

Eligibility for Office Space and Laptop

Graduate students on scholarship are eligible for a work station in the department, assigned by the graduate studies coordinator.

Students remain eligible as long as they are on scholarship. Once the scholarship is terminated, students should contact the graduate studies coordinator to vacate their working station.

Keys should be received from Yaniv Abutbul in Maintenance, room 203, and returned to him as well.

Graduate students on scholarship are further eligible for laptop computers, to be returned upon completion of the degree. You will be asked to choose a laptop computer in an e-mail before the semester begins.

Computer Accounts

Graduate students receive three separate computer accounts:
1. A Technion account on the tx computer (aka: techunix), which provides an e-mail address based on the ‘’ format.
2. A department account on the csd computer, which gives you an e-mail address based on the ‘’ format
3. A computer account for Windows

You must open all three accounts and check your e-mail on both assigned accounts (although you can use an automatic forward to forward messages from one to the other or to other, external e-mail addresses).

Upon admission, you will receive instructions for opening the Technion account, at which point you can also choose a username. The account is opened through a computer accounts page on the computing and information systems division’s website.

The other two accounts will use the same username and will be opened before you begin your studies. If you are receiving a scholarship, you will receive passwords for these accounts when you receive your laptop. If you are not receiving a scholarship, please visit the graduate studies coordinator to receive your passwords.

If you encounter any computer-related problems, please register them on the departmental digital helpdesk through the IT Group Site. For requests or help troubleshooting problems with your Technion account, please contact the Technion helpdesk.

Parking Stickers and Parking in Taub Building Underground Parking Garage

The Entry Permits Office is located on the lower level of the Churchill Building (-1) in the building’s inner patio.
They can be reached by phone at 04-829-3590, by fax at 04-829-3591 or by e-mail at
New students can prove their eligibility for a parking permit by presenting their scholarship award notification.
Only doctoral students on scholarship who have passed the candidacy exam or who are either lecturers or head T.A.s in large courses are permitted to park in the faculty parking lot.

Access to the Department Building and Labs:
To enter the building on weekends and past 19:30 on weekdays, you must use a magnetic badge at the entrances stationed at level 2 or the parking garage. Use your badge to enter the department’s labs as well (please contact the lab engineer).

Badges update automatically at the beginning of each semester as per the information in the Technion system. If you encounter problems with access to the premises, please contact Limon Gindin:; Danny Layfer, Electricity and Building Control System Manager. can issue temporary access badges until you have received your student card.

Kitchen Facilities, Lounges, General Lab

Every office floor has a kitchenette. The kitchenettes on floors 2-4 are sometimes locked. You may ask the building maintenance manager for a key.

The kitchenettes on floors 2-5 are equipped with a microwave as well as an espresso machine in the teacher’s room on the 5th floor. Between 3 and 3:30 PM coffee capsules for the machine are available for purchase, and cookies are served. The graduate student lounge is on the 2nd floor, in room 226. To enter, you need to use your badge, which needs to be specially encoded by Danny Layfer, Electricity and Building Control System Manager, in the control room (006) on the ground floor.

Lighting, AC & Heating, Telephones

Rooms are equipped with a lighting system and a heating and air-conditioning system controlled by a main switch, located above the motion detectors.
On the 0 setting – It remains off
On the 1 setting – The lighting and temperature are determined by the specific switches selected.
In the middle – the systems work based on motion detectors (if no motion is detected for 15 minutes, the lighting and ac/heating is automatically turned off.) The switches in most rooms are locked on this setting. Please note that the heating/ac switch controls only the closest heater/air conditioner.

The telephones installed in every room can be used for internal phone calls within the Technion system (via the 4 digit extension) or for phone calls outside of the Technion. For an outside line, dial 9 and then the number. To reach a Technion extension from an external phone, dial either the digits 829 or 077887 before dialing the four-digit extension.

Mail and Faxes

Graduate students on scholarship are issued mail boxes, which are located on the 5th floor. The boxes are generally arranged alphabetically, but boxes can be found by name on the notice board near the mail boxes. All official Technion correspondence (including salary slips, scholarship bills, etc.) are sent to these mailboxes.

There is a fax machine available for general use located in the printing room (room 504) near the department secretariat and its extension number is 3900. Incoming faxes addressed to you will be deposited in the addressee’s mailbox.

Study and Teaching Aids

Office Equipment – Dry erase markers, graph paper, pads of paper, dividers, staplers, paper clips, multi-colored pens, envelopes, plastic paper coverings, etc. can be taken from the secretariat (room 546 on the 5th floor, behind the mailboxes).
Informational Lists – Various informational lists (office numbers and telephones, mailbox lists by name, academic calendars, etc.) can be found at the secretariat on the 5th floor.
Photocopying – To photocopy more than 100 copies of a particular document, please make the photocopies via the photocopying unit by contacting the department secretary, Maya Sidis, on the 5th floor office.
For less than 100 copies, the lead T.A. should contact Bracha Cohen in room 034.
Printing – There is at least one printer room or hallway printing station on each floor. The printers can be used for photocopying and scanning as well.

Computer Science Department, Technion, Graduate Studies, Limor Gindin: +972 4 8294226 email