Graduate Studies


The official information appears on the Graduate School website. All further information detailed herein is supplementary.

Registration for  Ph.D. degree requires that you must first find an advisor.

To register you have to fill Technion registration form available in Graduate Studies website.

your application will be reviewed by the department and, if necessary, you may be called to an interview with the admissions committee.

In addition to your online registration, you must also submit the following forms, in one PDF file, in the order presented below, to the graduate studies coordinator:

  • Summary of details form (Word) for Ph.D. and or direct Ph.D. track candidates.
  • Doctoral Research Proposal: A brief research proposal (3-5 pages), structured like a Master’s research proposal. On the recommendation of the intended advisor, admissions will also be considered for candidates with a general research topic that have not yet been formulated into a detailed research proposal. In those instances, applicants should attach a document which states their research subject along with a tentative paragraph describing the potential directions the research might take.
  • Two evaluation forms (Word) for a PhD candidate, which will be filled out by a faculty member or a senior researcher (holding a PhD) from industry, will be sent directly to the Graduate Studies Coordinator
  • Two letters of recommendation will be sent directly to the Graduate Studies Coordinator. One of the letters should be written by the supervisor (the principal, if there is more than one supervisor), and the other by a faculty member (not necessarily from the Technion) or another senior researcher familiar with the research paper.
  •  A CV and list publications (include the articles as well).

Registration for doctoral degrees is accepted year-round. The committee for graduate studies will review your application and send its decision,  to the Graduate School.


Computer Science Department, Technion, Graduate Studies, Anna Kleiner: 073-378-4226 email / Sharon Emuna: 073-378-4342 email